Nurturing Critical and
Compassionate Learners to become
Future Global Leaders
We believe that each child is special and with the help of the best educators, has the full potential to become whatever he/she wants to be.
The Child of Today
Learn more about the modern challenges of today's children, and find out why The Sage Way is the best way to address them.
The Sage Way
Our Advanced Holistic Learning Approach celebrates every child's journey, and allows them to progress at their own pace
The Program
Sage Prep strives to equip learners with academic and problem-solving skills, responsible citizenship, and a desire for life-long learning.
Let your child experience
The Sage Way firsthand
Welcome to SAGE PREP SCHOOLHOUSE, a community of teachers, administrators and parents who work together to bring out the best in children in the preschool, primary and junior high school levels.

SAGE PREP SCHOOLHOUSE was founded on a singular thrust to nurture critical and compassionate learners who will become our future leaders.  And we proudly acknowledge that our true strength is the holistic learning experience we have built over time that is powered by highly - qualified and empathetic teachers.
Our School Philosopy

We believe that each child is a unique individual who has the potential to be the best he or she can be.
Our School vision

To nurture future global leaders who are innovative and compassionate thinkers and doers.
Our School mission

In nurturing innovative and critical thinking in a dynamic and compassionate learning environment, Sage strives to be an institute of excellence in maximizing the learning and growth potentials of each student.

1. To equip learners with the academic and problem-solving skills essential for personal development, responsible citizenship and desire for life-long learning,Sage taps into the community for application of theoretical learning, and innovative solution of society’s challenges.

2. Respect for children and trust in their inherent enthusiasm for learning are beliefs that determine the design of our educational processes and objectives.

3. Our aims are to cultivate independent thinking, protect children’s natural joy and ease in learning, preserve their sense of creativity, curiosity, and self-esteem, and develop a compassionate nature.
The child of today, a whole generation considered to be digital natives are prone to information overload that affect their critical thinking. Our children are also known to have shorter attention spans. This lack of focus is due primarily to the ease by which they get and discard information. With over 10  billion websites that they now have direct access to and more content being generated everyday, it’s no wonder that the child finds very little need to concentrate on one task at a time.

To us, this creates a domino effect of disconnectedness within himself, and in the society with which he belongs to. The child’s social and emotional skills are direly affected because of all these factors.

This is where SAGE comes in. Why is SAGE the immediate and pressing solution to these modern challenges? Because we  recognized earlier than many traditional institutions in Cebu that our role as educators have to be more than just plain disciplinarians or academicians, but nurturers.

SAGE recognized earlier that we need to give learners a sense of stability and permanence through a safe and welcoming environment. We have built a community that cultivates partnership, collaboration, connectivity, and engagement. SAGE, even from its conception, has been designed to address this changing nature and role of education.
As we grew and cultivated our identity over the years, we validated that our Advanced Holistic Learning Approach is an approach that is focused on the individual gifts, strengths, and interests of each child, and Our Approach, that Sage Prep Schoolhouse has proudly developed and owned through extensive training and decades of experience, is the Approach that is URGENTLY needed to face the modern challenges of this generation.
Programs Offered
Our School
Our academic and extra-curricular programs employ an eclectic mix of progressive and traditional methods. As the students learn the hard skills, they are given opportunities to practice the craft skills of collaboration, time-management, self-regulation and goal-setting. Both academic and co-curricular offerings hone the hands-on, minds-on and hearts-on approach to learning, to bring about the development of the whole child in a happy and conducive learning environment.
Prep Level | PrimaryLevel | Junior High School Level
Students build friendships as they try to discover the world around them. SAGE also gives opportunities for students  to apply their learning to find solutions to real-life problems.
Reinforced Programs
Students,especially expatriates, are assisted through lessons that will help them adjust easier to the Filipino culture and system. Lessons such as ESL, Basic Filipino and English are offered by the school.
Special Interest Programs
Other than academics, students’ talents are honed by letting them engage in areas such as Robotics, Art and Design, and Music.  
World-class Learning
Singapore Mathematics and Singapore Science are just a couple of subjects taught in Sage Prep Schoolhouse to nurture critical, innovative thinking. Our ICT classes are not what you find in most other schools in the area.
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SAGE and Cambridge cebu
January 2019 School News

Message from the School President 

       2018 has come and gone, and we are midway through School Year 2018-2019.  Thus far,the year has had its share of excitement and challenges, and this is what makes life interesting.  The school organizational mantra is “Keep Moving Forward,” and in so doing, we always strive to learn from mistakes and move on. It’s not always a successful endeavor, but the determination is there.Over time, when I look at the students who have stayed a number of years in school, I can take personal satisfaction in seeing the children overcome their weaknesses and personally acknowledge that they can always learn from their mistakes, too.

    Adopting a thinking of life-long learning is key to never growing old.  Continually improving one’s self is a habit we adults must pass on to the next generation,as we aspire for lofty goals for our children and families.  In order to learn though, one must adopt a sense of humility; if we feel that we are good enough as it is, then no more water can be added to the glass we have on hand.   That is why it gives me great joy and pleasure in Sage and Cambridge Cebu to work closely with staff and school parents, and see children learn and have fun at the same time.                 

     Sage and Cambridge Cebu marches on with many plans for the rest of the school year. Innovations are also now being formulated prior to

    testing and adoption in the next school year as well.  We eagerly look forward to growing and becoming more as a school community.

     Let us all keep moving forward together.

Yours always,
Jacqui Limtin       

T’was a blast!  The students had rollicking fun presenting their varied talents during the annual Christmas school play on Dec.18, 2019 at the USPF Theater for the Performing Arts. Old stars, new stars, angels,animals of different kinds and hues, the Three Wise Men, and many more surrounded Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus, in this originally scripted play.  Despite some technical glitches,the students were like pros – confidently acting, singing and dancing their hearts out for the parents and families in the audience.  Love was definitely in the air that morning!

(Check out the Play DVD coming out in February for more pictures.)
In the season of sharing and giving, the Sage and Cambridge school community held our annual Outreach Program on Dec.19, 2018 at the Blessed Mother Josephine Vanini Home for the Aged.  Using the parents’ and student’s donations totaling P 62,669.10, bundles of joy, rice and detergent powder were handed out to the seniors and the Home, along with a brand-new TV for the residents’ recreation.There were games, dancing, and singing not only from the students, but also from the Home residents!  Indeed,Christmas is not only for the young ones but also for everyone.

 Thank you, dear Sage & Cambridge Community, for spreading the love around.
(The details on expenses are posted on the school board.)

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