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Welcome to my website!!


Term Projects

This is a website compiled of my projects for each term on individual subjects.

Term 2 projects is on the way!!


Humanities Project

This is my humanities project. This is my diorama model about the land, forest adn water resources and a reoccuring problem it is facing.

My Humanities Project Presentation

presented live on 11/24/2022

Humanities Project Narrative


This a Health Advertisement poster for my English project.

It is all about taking care of our body. This project is integrated with Science and you can view this on my website!

Lights Lights

This is my graph and table for the daily confirmed Covid-19 cases in South Korea for the month of October 2022.

You can also take a look at this on my website together with what the number of cases indicates!

website link!


My integrated Sci-Math-Eng project is all about making a website about either the circulatory or respiratory system. I choose the respiratory system and discussed what the system is for, it's parts & functions and diseases.

also included in my website are how & what the effects of Covid-19 to our respiratory system are.

Math Project Narrative

Science Project Narrative

English Project Narrative

The Filipino project is a class group project. We were tasked to reenact through a video play any chapter from the novel: Noli Me Tangere, which is the lesson we discussed for this term.

presented live on 11/24/2022


Filipino Project Narrative



Arian's 1st Term Reflection

This term was quite honestly easy-flowing and smooth for me. I am finally able to go to school occasionally, which I find great as an escape from online life once in a while. I enjoyed every activity we did this term from the participation to the presentations I did. I don’t find challenges challenging now if I think of it as part of the process, which it is.

I have observed with myself how differently I view aspects of things. I feel okay and content with my scores, but there is always room for improvement which I will always be willing to fill. Being present and open has helped me a lot and I will make sure that I won't pressure myself from maintaining that all the time but still making sure I have control.

ICT Project Narrative

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