Teacher's Reflection on Student's Reflection

“Education is the ability to meet life’s situations.” – Dr. John G. Hibben
In life we encounter unprecedented struggle and upheaval. Whether the source of disruption in your life is a global emergency or a personal tragedy—or both—living through difficult times can take a heavy toll on your mood, health, and outlook. It can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. You may be painfully grieving all that you’ve lost, flooded by a slew of difficult, conflicting emotions, or uncertain about how to move on with your life. You may even feel that your life is totally out of control and you’re powerless to affect whatever may happen next. While there’s no way to avoid sorrow, adversity, or distress in life, there are ways to help smooth the rough waters and regain a sense of control. Resilience is the ability to cope with the loss, change, and trauma that have been inevitable parts of life even before these extraordinary times. Building resilience can help you better adapt to life-changing events, cope with turbulent times, and bounce back from hardship and tragedy. Classroom Education is only a beginning and a good starting point for your ceaseless, lifelong development that will continue in those fields that you opt for.

After many months of remote education, face-to-face classes was considered, something essential within the framework of the need for interaction and the strengthening of socio-emotional and pedagogical competences, whose benefits are evident and fundamental for the integral formation of students. I believe that face-to-face is still much better compared to modular/online learning. I am grateful and motivated the moment I’ve learned that classes on face-to-face was allowed. The laughter and the fun inside a classroom setting is priceless. The memories that each student share together is real. As a teacher myself, I wouldn’t trade a classroom set-up with anything else.

In our class, real-time Interaction is evident. I ensure pupil to receive help and explanation at the exact moment they need it. Collaborative learning, Encouraging Critical Thinking and Teaching Accountability and Responsibility is best practiced. Now that life is going back to normal we have to live life to the fullest and thank God for the blessing that we receive from God every single day.

This term was okay for me, there wasn’t much that happened. I liked the Fil-Soc week the most, as the activities on Friday were very enjoyable. The activities that were most challenging to me were project week and TE week, because projects were very tiring to make, and TE was very stressful.

I learned that if you aren’t lazy and don’t procrastinate, your life becomes so much easier. I’m not sure about my scores, but I feel I reached my target, and I can do better next time by trying even harder.

The behavior that was helpful to me was trying hard and not being lazy, as my work gets done on time. The behavior that was not helpful to me was being lazy and not doing my tasks, as then I would do my tasks last minute and the output for the tasks would be mediocre. I can do better next time by motivating myself to work harder and not be lazy.

Project Narrative

Subject Project Narrative


This project narrative will talk about Math project in 1st term. In this project, the big idea was COVID-19 active cases in 2022. Firstly, we researched about active cases in specific country and we made bar graph for it. Everyone had hard time in finding active cases from WHO website, but we all overcome it. (THIS IS GRADE 9!)

We were requested to make bar graph. So, it was good chance to review how to make it. After making bar graph, we notice that the graph is keep on going back and forth. Meaning that, the active cases were unstable at that season. Also, we had to find out mean, median, and mode about COVID-19 cases in specific country. It was nice chance to review our previous lesson. In other subjects, as same as Math project, we put all the outputs in out ICT Website.

Our final output in this project was table & graph of COVID-19 active cases, and mean, median, mode of active cases. We put these 3 things in out ICT website Math section. During presentation, many teacher recommend us about style. Like fonts, color, margin and etc. Some of us were using many fonts, and margin is wrong, so it looks messy. Teachers recommend about this on a lot of times. Next time we can be careful with these things and have better output. In final sentence, we had hard time in this project, but we all overcome it because we did our best and never give up. Also, there were a lot of funny moments that we were laughing together. I hope this will continue until the end.

Science & Filipino

There were many difficult and interesting projects this term, but this project narrative will cover only the Science and Filipino project. We were given a couple days in advance to create the projects as well. When the week of the projects came, we were given the whole week to focus on creating the projects and no classes were held.

The Science project was all about making a website containing the lessons that we had in class. We were given the chance to choose between the respiratory system and the circulatory system, and we were also tasked of adding additional information and another page related to the Corona virus. Along with the Science part of the website, we were also tasked of adding a Math and English portion to the same website as well. This contributed to the hardships of making the website this term.

The Filipino project made us rely on one another to create it. The project was all about making a video play about a chapter of the novel “Noli Mi Tangere” by Dr Jose Rizal. This forced us to get in discussion calls with each other and made us make a script in a google docs and translate it to Filipino. And once the script was finished, we still had a big hurdle to jump across which was to actually act, record and edit the video. We each took up roles and acted our utmost best and although it took a lot of tries, we managed to pull it off and finalize editing it. There were many difficulties since some of the students were offline and some of us were online but that didn’t stop us.


The English project was all about making a Health Advertisement Poster. We were tasked to put general ways to take care of our body in a poster. We researched about the diseases in the Respiratory and Circulatory systems and relate it to the project. With the use of 3 Rhetorical devices, we delivered meaningful messages and ways to be healthy.

The project was integrated with science and the diseases that we can get for various reasons. We were given the freedom to use any website and applications to design our advertisement. Then the project making began.

The final output was a picture file of the Health Advertisement Poster. The file was also added to our science website as its integrated together. We presented the final website live. We explained the layout, design, and the content of the projects. We learned the different ways to manipulate, emphasize and specify words that we in every day communication.


The Humanities Term 1 project was all about Natural resources. This project was not integrated with any other subject. We were tasked to portray 1 chosen natural resource through a diorama model. In a side-by-side display, a comparison between the natural resource and the reoccurring issue it is facing is shown.

We began the project by planning what our diorama would be about. We gathered the materials needed to start the project making. We then brought to life our designs.

The final output was a diorama displaying a cause-and-effect model of issues a natural resource is experiencing. The project presentation was done live. We explained one by one the purpose of our project and how the objective is designed. We described the ways in which the issues can be prevented to help reduce the scarcity and endangerment of the natural resources. Throughout the process of the project making, we learned all the way, we as students can help preserve nature and its resources.


The big idea for this project was to make a website that would showcase all our projects, term 1 to term 3. The specific concept our class focused on was making the website work and display our projects through different terms. The project began before project week, we started building our website and making it work. The activities and discussions that made us curious about the topic were the lessons in class, as it motivated us to make our own website. We had many questions in mind, about coding, and how to make our website functional and appealing to the user. The other projects helped by being the basis for the website, as we had to build the website around the other projects so that we can put the other projects inside the website.

We did many discussions to learn about coding and website building, so that the user would be satisfied with the website. We found out many things about coding, like how to use padding, and margin, and solved our previous problems about our website. We felt good about our project as it moved forward, as we loved seeing our website get better and more beautiful. For Math, we had to make a website about Covid-19 cases in a specific country we were assigned to, for Science, we had to make a website about a system of our choice, respiratory system or circulatory system, for English, we had to make a health poster about taking care of our body and staying healthy, for Humanities, we had to make a diorama about a natural resource we chose, one side was about the natural resource, and the other side was about the bad parts about the natural resource, and lastly, for Filipino, we had to make a video about us acting out a kabanata of our choice from Noli Me Tangere.

Our final output was a website that presented our other projects. We presented our projects to the entire high school and got constructive criticism from Sir Bensoi. We learned many things from the feedback giving, like how to improve our site and make it more appealing to the user. We can do better next time, as we now have the knowledge about website building and the constructive criticism from Sir Bensoi to make it better. The best thing we did for this project was coding the website, as it gave us the experience and knowledge to code websites well. We learned many things from this project, to persevere and try and try again until you are satisfied with what you can do, and the knowledge about coding websites.